yesterday, today and tomorrow. stories and vision.

“Everything really began with an attitude, of wanting to open myself to the world, of leaving a positive and sensitive impact on people’s lives”

My name is Kalina Juzwiak – also known as kaju. I was born in Brazil, but I also carry the Swiss and Polish nationalities. Most part of my journey I lived in my country of origin and it was there that I chose Architecture and Urbanism as my first step to understand my en-vironment. After working with national and international teams at architectural competi-tions (contests) I found my real passion in the union of multi-cultural references, personal creative tools and multidisciplinary projects. That is why I decided to look deeper into Graphic Design, thus adding other capacities to my tool box.


From an early age, artistic expressions have been part of my life, but only recently have they become the link between all areas of my interest. Today, I make art and design with an aesthetic and systemic view. I am a focused and productive creative person, by uniting my discipline and determination to a pro-active imagination.
I am constantly developing my skill in transforming compositions into provocative move-ments and moments of reflection to those observing it. And that is why people and avant-garde companies choose me to transform their visions into reality and to create disruptive projects and experiences.


You are a unique person and deserve a unique work of art. For you who are open to novelties. A selection of paintings born from daily inspirations or stories that become lines and bring personality to their surroundings. Small or large areas, a strong and spontaneous art that is born directly on a canvas or wall/mural.


Sometimes an image can represent a thousand words. Lines that transform themselves into abstract and geometric figures. Flexible lines with limitless creation or application. Illustrations that become prints, products, packaging or complete plots.


Where ideas create life. Joining multidisciplinar views, we can create and connect to experimental projects. Let’s make it happen together – you just have to say hello.

The creative discipline is something very present in my life from my early years. Mutual respect, the management of time, deadlines, valuing the work, the negotiation and punc-tuality are part of my daily creation. Personal and professional life are in unison (are one). And in this understanding and uniting appeared the connection between art and business, between discipline and creativity.

And if you, such as me, want to leave a positive mark in the world, with a positive income, and without losing the creative side, I think I can help you. I am creating a methodology based on this union of concepts and life style. Yes, you can catalyse your projects.


“Bit by bit I understood that the discipline is really part of me and that it could not only help me to live from art, but also to outstand in the creative world. It is a way that I found to break the artist’s stereotype in the market. I definitely believe that discipline is a tool that can boost creativity and provide the delivery of a work of art with consistency and purpose.”

Or take your time to say hello!


It will be a pleasure to get to know you better, clarify doubts and of course add views.