art & marketing

a unique place
[in time and space]
where ART meets MARKETING


we see art as a device

to show familiar things

in an unfamiliar way,

in order to enhance perception

art as a movement of expression,

conscience and transformation,

to actively inspire change making


art is perceiving the ability

to give a new meaning to fluidity,

through moving pieces in static frames

MTP creates content with a unique vision of marketing and communication

through artistic lenses. By creating and delivering an exclusive material, our aim is to increase the interest

and reach of your viewers/followers/clients towards your brand, place or product. Art comes in as the

connecting line between what you have to offer and our capacity to enhance peoples perception.


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kaju and maja are partners in creation,

friends, as well as (blood) sisters.

With the aim of sharing another reality

with the world, they have united

visions, experiences, hands and heart

to create this project.

To get to know them a little better,

check out the blog (on the menu tab)

where both are also collaborators.


or take your time to say hello!


it will be a pleasure to get to know you better,

clarify doubts and of course

add up points of view.


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